For almost 35 years, Wihado has been a reliable partner in the supply of components for cabin and machine construction. After many years full of passion and job satisfaction, the time has come to transfer our company.

From January 1, 2021, General Rubber Industry Eindhoven (ARE) will continue deliveries under its own name. Wihado and ARE have been working together since their existence and share the same standards, values and corporate culture. Delivery reliability, quality and mutual added value characterize the cooperation with both customers and suppliers.

Since its foundation in 1990, ARE Rubber Industry has been a leading player in the processing and processing of cellular rubber, solid rubbers and plastic foams. ARE also carries an extensive range of products including custom profiles, edge and window profiles, insulation material and floor rubber.

ARE. eg.

High Silk 25

5626 DC Eindhoven

The Netherlands


Phone: 040-2904999